All our projects at a glance.

Cardow! - Battle of Decks

Cardow! is the perfect mix of chess and card game.

Wall Fall

Jump from block to block and crack the high score

Adammantium Multiplayer Mod

A multiplayer mod for Blade & Sorcery VR


Cora is a voice assistant that focuses on privacy and data security


Unfinished test projects

Continuity One - Lost Signal

A simple RTS game

God of Block

Poor man's Minecraft


We do not talk about this


A few useful tools

Discord channel name generator


Userscript configuration dialog


About us

Our history

  • 2015

    Every beginning is hard

    Various small projects to try out different things.

  • May 2016


    Adventure-Quest is a small Minecraft RPG server, which replaces building with quests, minigames, guilds, professions and more.

  • September 2017


    Our first app on Google Play.

  • December 2018

    The start of Cardow

    The first concepts for Cardow and smaller prototypes to determine the rough concept.

  • August 2022

    First releases

    We have made the first big step and published our projects.
    Cardow! on Steam and Adammantium Multiplayer Mod on Nexus.

  • December 2022

    Open Source

    Part of our projects is now on GitHub.

  • February 2023


    DevForce now becomes Adamite.